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Marist High School Annual Fund

Each year, gifts to the Marist Annual Fund are allocated to satisfy a particular need at Marist. For the past several years, the Annual Fund has supported several major capital improvement projects. Despite the many financial obstacles the world is currently facing, Marist donors have remained unwavering in their commitment to the spirit of Saint Marcellin Champagnat and the Marist Brothers' mission. Our donors have continued to say, "yes!" so that we can meet the needs of our student body as our school motto reminds us, "for time and eternity".

This year’s goal is to raise $250,000 for technology throughout the school, science labs and enhancement of our music and drama programs. Specifically further developing our string ensemble and introducing a summer drama program. The following programs will be impacted by your Annual Fund contributions:

  • Our seven science labs are used every period of the school day. Marist offers Biology,Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics and all at the AP, honors, academic and Marcellin levels. Next school year, the Forensic Science course, now a semester course, will be added as a yearlong class with a lab. Six years ago, two of the science labs were renovated with new equipment, technology and desks; however the remaining five labs have not been renovated since they were built in the 1970’s. The increased interest in science from our students makes this effort more crucial than ever before. The goal is to renovate on lab every year, for the next seven years.

  • Technology enhancements will focus on SMART Boards. “The SMART Board has been a welcome addition to my chemistry and anatomy classes. It has added a new level of interaction to my classrooms that has helped my lessons reach more students with different learning styles. The SMART Board has been a magnet for student attention and students are eager to participate and use the SMART Board themselves,” explains Dr. Greg Wallace, chemistry and anatomy teacher. The school currently has ten SMART Boards and hopes to add ten each year. To see a presentation of a SMART Board visit,, click on SMART Board 685ix interactive whiteboard system

  • This school year, the first string ensemble was incorporated into the music program; seven students are enrolled, all with previous experience playing string instruments. To broaden the program’s curriculum investment is needed to purchase instruments, books and sheet music. Marist is one of the only high schools in the community to offer this class. “It’s important to have a variety of music ensembles so that we give students an opportunity to broaden their musical horizons. My goal is to have a 40-50 piece string orchestra and to possibly build a full orchestra with winds and strings combined,” says Andrew Creagh ’04, band director. Our music and theatre program continue to interest more students every school year.

  • With your help, the launch of the Summer Lantern Theatre program this summer will provide students additional opportunities to broaden their horizons.

  • The annual fund provides additional resources to supplement the financial aid program. Financial Aid benefits more than thirty percent of our families making a Marist education possible.

    In the coming year we hope to continue to make updates and improvements to our ever growing school, but without the financial support of our alumni and other generous contributors these renovations will not be possible. With your help, we can ensure Marist has the support to continue to grow and maintain its reputation for outstanding academics and athletic programs.


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